Dilly dilly lavender plant care

Our plants are subject to seasonality and high-demand. Please contact us if you would like to know when it becomes available again. The foliage is green with a touch of grey and is a lovely complement to the darker flowers. Both the flowers and foliage produce a lovely aroma when cut or brushed against. This evergreen typically grows to 60 cm tall and the same wide, performing best when planted on a well-drained site in full sun.

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On a pleasant mid-June morning, you can stand amongst the rows of lavender and almost feel that it is alive.

Hundreds if not thousands of honeybees hover over the blooms, gathering the nectar from the flowering plants. There are butterflies, too, and the faint scent of lavender wafts through the sunlit morning air. Harvesting of the purple flowers is underway, with nearly plants of four varieties of lavender blooming almost simultaneously, creating thousands of blooms.

Over the next couple of weeks, all of the flowers will be harvested and hung up to dry, awaiting the next phase, when they will be sold as bundles or buds. All of it is the work of Joan Williamson, who brought the art of farming lavender to Oneida after being mesmerized by a lavender farm she visited in the Pacific Northwest.

Out of that deal, I got a beautiful field and he got some hay. After their father, Horace M. Williamson purchased an acre tract that will soon become 15 acres when an adjoining four-acre tract of the original farm is added. Then, she wondered what to do with it.

None of us knew what it was. Once she got back home, Williamson started researching. She joined the Lavender Growers Association in , and later attended a conference hosted by the organization. In many ways, the farm is still in its infancy. There are four plots, each with its own variety of lavender.

The original field was Phenomenal, a variety used for making sashes, essential oil and bouquets. A wooden pavilion was the first structure built on the form. A wood fence was added this past spring. A labyrinth will be added next spring. She followed a job with Bellsouth to Birmingham years ago and has stayed in Alabama. The end result is that, for the first time, agritourism has come to Scott County. Defined as any farm operation that attracts visitors, agritourism is the primary purpose of Dilly Dilly Lavender Farm, Williamson said.

The state has promoted the farm through its Pick Tennessee campaign, and visitors have traveled to the farm from the middle of the state to pick their own bouquets.

There are lots of plans for future growth. Williamson is currently planting a biblical herb path. She has a variety of herbs growing and wants to develop a path through the five-acre woods behind the lavender fields, with plaques identifying each of the botanicals and the opportunity for people to explore the path on a Gator.

Bee hives were recently added — honeybees love lavender — and that might soon mean that lavender honey can be harvested. This fall, Williamson will be researching butterfly houses, with an intention of building butterfly habitat next spring. They were flying around me and lighting on me.

It was like the virtual butterflies at some of these discovery places. I realized then that I need to build a butterfly house. Williamson has a plan for nearly every square inch of property. Some might find the sinkholes that have developed in the center of the field a setback. Not Williamson. She first intended to build a bridge over the sinkhole, until a geology expert said that might not be advisable. So, she decided to build wooden fences to keep people and equipment out, and milkweed grows around the sinkholes.

That might be an annoyance weed to some. But at Dilly Dilly Lavender Farm, it will further enhance the butterfly population. Butterflies, after all, love milkweed. That partnership, as Williamson envisions it, would eventually result in package deals, where visitors can lodge at the Spanish-style guest house and tour the lavender farm.

Eventually, there will be a barn on the farm, with a store for Williamson to offer her lavender products. As she grows, Williamson intends to stay true to her quest to remain organic. In the meantime, Williamson continues to perfect her craft through research, and through trial and error.

It leads to new discoveries, like planting in a rocky medium rather than dirt, because lavender rows need to be elevated and dirt compacts too easily. For more information, find the farm on Facebook, DillyDillyLavender. Founded in America's th year, in the spirit of '76, the Independent Herald is the award-winning voice of Scott County, Tenn. Click here - to use the wp menu builder. Sign in. Log into your account.

Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Saturday, December 25,Local News Dr. Danny W. Cross retiring, Oneida practice closes Independent Herald - December 23, 0. Well-known Oneida optometrist Dr. That means it has replaced delta as the dominant strain of the virus in Tennessee, and it also means that a winter surge of new cases is likely coming.

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How to Grow Lavender

To enjoy our content, please include The Japan Times on your ad-blocker's list of approved sites. If you brush against a lavender shrub it will immediately send its distinctive fragrance into the air. But although we humans may love the scent, it is actually a defense mechanism for the plant. First, the smell repels many animals and insects. Second, the scent, which is a mist of essential oils, helps the plant retain vital supplies of water when temperatures soar. Lavender Lavandula angustifolia is native to the hot, dry hills of the Mediterranean, but in ancient times the Romans spread this valuable herb throughout their empire. Over the centuries, housewives have also used its dried flower heads to protect clothes from insects.

Plant Family: Mint (Lamiaceae). Lavender and wildflower garden (Janice Tucker). Article by Jeanne Gozigian. “Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green.

Plant Database

Or Search by. Stunning red flowers over a long summer and highly fragrant foliage make this an ideal candidate for any cottage or herb garden. Bold when planted in groupings in any colourful sunny border. Great cut flower. Likes sun and summer moisture. Bold pink eye catching blooms with highly aromatic foliage making an essential ingredient for both cottage and herb gardens and any sunny flower borders. Long flowering and ideal as cut flowers or in potpourri. Thrives in a sunny spot with rich, moisture retentive soil. A beautifully fragrant dianthus, hardy, easy to grow with a compact neat habit. Stunning double pink flowers, with toothed petals which age to darker pink edges as blooms mature.

Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' (Lavender)

Add To My Wish List. Hardiness Zone: 4b. Other Names: English Lavender, Lavandin. Striking violet-blue blooms covering slightly taller stems sets this cultivar apart; lovely gray green foliage is beautifully fragrant; excellent for borders, containers, and massing in the garden; used for sachets and perfumes.

Herbs are great for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances because of their savory or aromatic properties. Below is a list of the herbs available this season.


Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia and other Lavandula species. Also see 3. These lavender entries have been compiled by Susan L. Nielsen snielsen. Nice piece of work; thanks! Among native plants of the Mediterranean, Lavender must surely be one of the most adaptable of these sun and warmth-loving plants.

Plant Information

After reading this, i changed my lavender location.. Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? I'm pleased I discovered it though, ill be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include. Lavender Essential Oil. I got this blog site through my friends and when I searched this really there were informative articles at the place. Post a Comment Thanks!

LAVEN DER "Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green,” are the Grow oregano indoors or out—just look for a sunny location with good drainage.

How To Grow Lavender For Its Heavenly Scent

Light purple in color and extremely fragrant, Provence comes beautiful and mature in a one 1 gallon pot. Grows 2' to 3' tall. This is a large flower with a long stem. Pale buds open to purple.

Salvia 'Lavender Dilly Dilly'

Track your order through my orders. Popular 20 others are looking at this right now. Hardy Tree. Ideal For cottage gardens wildlife gardens low maintenance garden specimen plant. Position In full sun.

We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to join us, click here. Suspects: Cats, weedkiller, poor soil, poor plants or my terrible gardening skills.

Lavender blue, dilly dilly…

Lavender, an ancient herb, is able to keep pace with the best of modern multi-taskers: it is fragrant, colorful, edible and paradoxically, both stimulating and soothing. There are over cultivars and varieties of lavender varying in color from indigo, purple, mauve, magenta, amethyst, violet, lavender, periwinkle, light blue and pink to white. Lavender's documented history is substantial. It was used by the Egyptians for cosmetics and embalming, by Mary to anoint the feet of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, by the Romans for fragrance in public baths and by Queen Victoria to sooth her headaches. Lavender was designated "Herb of the Year" in by the International Herb Association, which selects an herb that is outstanding in at least two of the three major categories: medicinal, culinary, or decorative.

Lavandula: Lavender

There are many types of Salvia. They can be annual, biennial, or perennial herbs, and woody subshrubs. The leaves are sometimes toothed or pinnately divided.

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